Day One - Life is a Trip

11:30 pm June 12th

After a very long journey so far we are on the the plane from Miami to Lima.  We are just getting ready to leave.   It has been a very long day already with many stages or phases. 

We first had to prepare for the trip.   Some of that preparation has taken months,  more and more as the weeks drew nearer, then the hurry to get all the last minute things done.  Today we drove to O'Hare from Muskegon.   Believe it or not the biggest delay was in Grand Haven.  There was a four vehicle accident.  Then through Chicago  to parking and train ride into the terminal.  Security and finally, a very bumpy but safe flight into Miami. 

Those of you who travel know what this is like... not so much fun but it gets us where we want to be.   I was thinking on the last section, while somewhere over Florida, how similar to such a trip is to life and particular our spiritual journey..   Lots of parts, steps, or stages but ultimately a destination is the goal.  God is good, we are getting more and more excited as we get closer and closer.   Lima, Peru - I would not have dreamed my life journey would take me such places. Ready to taxi out and I am ready for a few ZZZZ's.   Blessings to all our families and friends on your journeys back home.  PMG    

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